Saturday, November 28, 2009

Working out Ideas

Staying busy with non-boat items. We're about to start a major bathroom remodel.

I'm trying to work out a nice, simple way to put the side panels up in the interior, the area around the port lights (windows).

The area the is causing some difficulty is the forward facing area in the vee berth. This area is curved side to side, and top to bottom, like a bowl. So....

After reading about cold molding, I was thinking I could laminate a few thin sheets together. This still leaves a finishing issue. How to finish the edges.

So I was thinking, I can make up the trim pieces in a cold molded fashion, and leave a dado, or groove joint that a 1/4 piece of material can sit it. By laminating the top and bottom trim pieces in place, I'll get a spot on fit and the trim will hold the sheet material in the correct shape. This way I also don't need to worry about the trim trying to spring flat and pulling away from the hull.

I'm going to test this theory out. I'll report back.

This is an old picture, but just a reminder of what the goal look is.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wish I were better at updating this site.
Last week my bottom paint came in and so did a cold snap. It's been really cold, low 40's high 30's maybe. Cold enough that during my ride to work in the morning my hands have been either so cold they're burning or just cold enough that they go totally numb. So, I took the easy out and didn't visit the boat much. It's too cold to paint so I've done a bit of work around the house. More on that later.

Last Sunday I went to my parent’s house and spent most of the day there in the work shop. Todd spent a fair amount of time showing me some of the behind the scenes workings of a cabinet shop. Setting up the machines, the proper way to sharpen tools. Planners 101. We also took a big 'ol slab of wood and ran it through his new sander. I'm sure it has a special name, but I’m not sure what it is. One big drum above, moves back and forth and a lower belt is like a conveyor that moves the material through. It's painfully slow moving, but it makes the job much easier. It was pretty awesome watching the grains slowly come out. The raw edge is not a style I've ever go out of my way to put in my home (or yacht) but it does have a special beauty to it.

While I was over at Todd's we talked about tools a lot. He had an article in a magazine that shows how to make a combo table saw/ router cabinet. So, that's what I've been working on. I cut the rails for the face frame a few nights ago. Today I spent most of the day and got the cabinet about 80% done. I had a mishap and during the assembly, and the cabinet fell off the table I was building on. I cracked a frame. Damn. This is why I need a nice big cabinet saw. The whole process was difficult. Using a small contractors saw to cut tongue and grooves into a 70x28 sheet of 1/2" mdf is no fun. But, the end is near. Yesterday I also picked up a very lightly used Delta T2 table saw fence rail system. I made the cabinet specifically to fit this rail. So, from here on out, if I have come out with sloppy joints cuts, I can't blame my tools.

I've sent out a few letters to local companies looking to talk to with marine joiners. Minimal luck. But one person I heard from said I might want to check with a John Guzzwell. In all honesty I can't say his name rung a bell. Trusty Google supplied a mailing address and plenty of sites about him and his epic voyage with Trekka his 21 foot yawl he built himself and sailed around the world. Turns out he lives a couple miles away from my parents. I sent a letter and promptly checked out a book he wrote from the library. One paragraph really stuck. To summarize, fine woodworking is not what it was 50 years ago. In today’s market it's all about the bottom line. Fine craftsmanship has moved wayside for production and units sold.
I was surprised to find a response right away in my inbox. Not much came of it, but here I am a (sudo)nurse who wants to be a yacht builder and Mr. Guzzwell has a son who is a yacht builders making the transition to a nurse. Sometimes I wish it was as easy as trading baseball cards.

Alia and I came up with a final plan for the bathroom remodel. She wants a spa. So lots of tile, heated floor, custom teak vanity, it's going to be really nice when we're all done. We started to stockpile our supplies and should knock down a wall by Thanksgiving.

I think that's about it.