Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Floating, in the water.

Splashed the boat on Saturday morning during high tide.
She moved under her own power to the guest dock where she stayed for a couple days while I tended to some loose ends.

-I got all the turn buckles free, they were seized up good.

-Instaled a Y pipe at the transom thru hull so I can run two seperate bilge pumps, on auto and one manual.

-Measured the rig for bridge clearance. 46 feet (no antenna).

-pulled out a bunch of old wiring.

-washed down the decks

-installed the bow pulpit.

Mostly busy work just to be on/ near the boat. She's far more stable then the Westerly. Just walking in the cabin would make that boat rock. Winterhawk is really stable.

I made a list of to-do's now that she floats. I need to block the mast, looking at spartite, but will go with wood or rubber until I get a feel for the rake I'd like.
I need to replace the halyards, currently they are wire/ rope splice.
I need to put new grommets in the Genoa. Bed the genoa track and main traveler, but then I should be able to hoist a sail.

Blake Island here we come!


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